Omicron Cases in India and Symptoms of Omicron, Omicron First Case

Omicron Latest News

The number of cases of fast-spreading Omicron variant has risen to 422 in India, with Maharashtra reporting the most number of infections. India has announced “precaution doses” for front-line workers and those above 60 from January 10.

The number of cases of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of Coronavirus stands at 422 in India. Maharashtra is witnessing the highest number of cases, 108 with new variant of concern, followed by Delhi, Gujarat and Telangana. India reported 6,987 new coronavirus infections and 162 deaths, which pushed the total active cases to 76,766 and the death count to 4,79,682, according to the health ministry.

Omicron First Case

The first case of Omicron in Himachal Pradesh was reported in Mandi district a few days ago, state health secretary Amitabh Avasthi said Sunday. A 45-year-old woman was tested positive for the new Covid-19 variant on December 12. Her RT-PCR test was conducted at the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital.

Total Omicron Cases in India

The Omicron case tally in India reached 422 on Sunday. The maximum number of cases, 108, were reported from Maharashtra. Meanwhile, Delhi registered 79 cases of Omicron, followed by Gujarat with 43, Telangana with 41 cases and Kerala with 38 cases.

State Name No. of Cases
Maharastra 108
Delhi 79
Telangana 41
Gujarat 43
Keral 38
Tamil Nadu 34
Karnatak 38
Rajsthan 43
Odisha 8
Madhya Pradesh 8
Haryana 4
P. Bangal 3
Uttar Pradesh 2
Himachal Pradesh 1
Utrakhand 1
Jammu Kashmir 3

common symptoms of omicron

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the new variant can infect more people as it is three-time more transmissible than the previous ones. The virus in some cases may even surpass the immunity provided by the vaccine and natural infection. However, the symptoms of the omicron variant may not be that severe like the Delta variant that led to the second wave and claimed millions of lives worldwide earlier this year. A lot more research is needed in this area, some of the common symptoms of omicron include:

Mild fever that goes away on its own


Scratchy throat

A lot of body pain

Unlike previous cases of COVID-19 infections, the Omicron variant may not lead to loss of taste and smell, which is a tell-tale sign of the viral infection.

Narendra Modi informed on Omicron

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation yesterday informed that the country is prepared to face a new surge of Covid-19 cases with 18 lakh isolation beds, 5 lakh oxygen supported beds. 1.4 lakh ICU beds and 90, 000 special beds for children. Moreover, there are 3,000 functional PSA Oxygen plants and 4 lakh Oxygen cylinders have been provided to all states.

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