Essay on Makar Sankranti in 300 Words

Essay on Makar Sankranti

India is a country of festivals, we all know that. Today many festivals are being celebrated in our country. In which Makar Sankranti is prominent. Today we will read about Makar Sankranti.

India is a country of festivals, every day some festival is celebrated here, from Rakshabandhan to many Teej festivals, various festivals from Gangaur express a unique glimpse of the diversity of Indian culture. Festivals are enjoyed by different communities in different parts of the country by increasing their interaction with each other in many ways. All festivals are more than one.

The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated every year on January 14 with great pomp across the country. Is known. On the other hand, in Assam, Bihu, in Haryana and Punjab, it is known as Gudi Padwa to celebrate the arrival of a new crop. Jaggery and sesame have special significance on the day of Makar Sankranti, apart from this many dishes are also prepared

The festival of Sankranti can also be celebrated on January 13 or January 15 according to the sun cycle. On this day people enjoy flying kites very much. Sesame and jaggery have special significance. Sesame laddoos are also made and sesame seeds are used in most of the dishes. This festival is celebrated with pomp in all parts of the country.

From the day of Makar Sankranti, the Sun starts coming towards Uttarayan from the Tropic of Capricorn, due to which the days start getting longer and the nights shorter in the Northern Hemisphere.
Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14 January every year. This festival is considered a symbol of eat sweet and speak sweet. This festival is celebrated by all Indians with great enthusiasm.

Makar Sankranti is a very ancient festival. This is a festival of happiness. This festival is celebrated on the Uttarayan of the Sun. This festival is when the Sun enters Capricorn. celebrated at that time.

Essay on Makar Sankranti 100 Words

Makar Sankranti is a major festival of Hindus. Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great pomp in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This festival is mostly celebrated on 14 January, sometimes it is also celebrated on 15 January. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in different ways across India.

The biggest reason for celebrating this festival is that new crops are harvested at this time and the houses of farmers are filled with food. In this happiness, people worship food and eat good food. Makar Sankranti marks the beginning of summer. In some states of India, it lasts for more than one day, but in most places this festival is for only one day.

Importance of Makar Sankranti

  • Apart from this, this festival is considered to be of special importance in Hinduism.
  • There is also a mention of the festival of Makar Sankranti in the Vedas and Puranas.
  • On this day, chanting, austerity, bathing, Shradh donation, etc. are also very important.
  • It is believed that people who perform Gangasanan on the day of Makar Sankranti get excellence.

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