Co-Educational Institution
Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla-5
Accredited by NAAC, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Grade 'B+'

Dear Students,

An educational institution can survive and progress with good and positive student support and progression. Therefore, students at all times need to be motivated to utilize their energy, talent and other skills in a productive and constructive way. It is possible with constant support and positive psychological input from teachers. I wish my students should be imaginative. Students choice of their studies and specialization have many reasons. One of them for choosing Arts stream is their imaginary fears about mathematics. Imagination for computer students should not just thinking in air. It should be step by step movement and trying to go beyond what others have done before. Imagination has no Berlin Walls. Experimentation, explanation of experiments by theories, attempts at unification of seemingly different topics one all mark of a creativity.It should be logically analysis of unexplained experimental facts and these logical imagination can lead to concrete theories and results unheard of before. Einstein's relativity or Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and in fact every revolutionary theory of previous centuries are based on finding the answers to questions and difficulties of modern science which were swept under the carpet. According to Einstein Imagination is reality. It is everything and preview of life's coming attraction. It is imagination which creates models in the mind. A mind is not an imaginary entity and as it exists imagination is a reality. After making a few discoveries the common man is chained to those ideas. Those who break these chains by their imaginations become creators like Jack Hobbs, Mark Zuckeberg etc. Ultimately it is the clarity of thought and ability to handle new ideas that will help you good in your field of specialization. The secret of success which I can give to my BCA students is be imaginative, concretize your imagination and then extrapolate and jump into new fields.

H.O.D of Computer Science